Cannabis... A True Healer

If you don't over do it, Cannabis is truly one of the few plants that can make you feel better. Its natural function is to calm inflammation, anxiety, pain, depression (and so on) and remedy imbalance in the body.

Cannabis is not just a medicine but it's also an adaptogenic herb in that it returns the body to homeostasis.

There is an optimal amount of Cannabis for every person. The perfect dose is based on bodyweight, metabolism, blood type, ethnicity, sex and gut flora. There are other factors but these main ones give us the physiological identity.

Mother Nature, or whomever you believe designed us, put endocannabinoid systems in our bodies..this means that our bodies are physiologically predisposed to interaction with Cannabis. Much like we are designed to work with air, water and nutrients.

If you would like help understanding the best and safest way to approach unlocking the benefits of Cannabis yourself, email us!

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