MICROGENIX Wavy | Clarity Sample Packs

MICROGENIX Wavy | Clarity Sample Packs

Interested in Microgenix and the unlimited benefits, but want to try before you commit?  Check out the sample packs with 3 pills.


Wavy - Moderate Dose


Sensory Enhancement | Rejuvenate + Restore | Experience Bliss + Euphoria


Intentional moderate dosing will help relieve anxiety, stress and achieve a heightened awareness, while influencing creativity, improving your mood, and motivation levels.  A moderate dose is closer to a full psilocybin high and should be taken on occasion.


Clarity - Microdose


Increase creativity |  Elevate Mood + Mental Clarity | Full Body Awareness


With Clarity, expect to feel an increats in empathy, energy and focus.  Many have described microdosing psilocybin as a non-addictive, naturalway to move away from pharmaceutical antidepressants and focus drugs.  It can help lessen the side effects of withdrawl and mitigate depression.

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